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   May 29-31, 2018 - Sheraton Cente Toronto

Monitoring Social Media in real time for Situational Awareness

Type: FEATURED Concurrent
Thursday May 31
9:30am to 10:25am

  • Description

    The Future is Now: Social Media in Real Time Social media is spawning revolutions, influencing elections and spreading truth and misinformation to millions of people instantly. This is for anyone who is concerned with the use of information before, during and after a crisis. The concept of "Non-Linear Hybrid Warfare" means that the future holds threats from an array of actors from nation-states to lone wolves. This presentation will better prepare you to find and counter those threats.

    Learning Objectives
    • Have a better understanding of past, present and future social media trends.
    • Develop a better understanding of how to use social media in legal and ethical ways to monitor situations in real time.
    • How to plan and prepare for a future that includes state and non-state actors spreading disinformation and fake news that can impact organizations in the public and private sector at the local, state, provincial and federal levels.

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